THE Times Higher Education - World University Rankings 2021: Sant’Anna School and Normale remain firmly among the world’s top 200 universities (in the top 15 % globally) in new rankings 2021. Rectors Nuti and Ambrosio’s comments

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and Scuola Normale Superiore remain firmly in the British THE Times Higher Education world’s top 200 universities rankings 2021, in the top 15 % globally, and, earning second and third place respectively, strengthen the national university’s positioning.

The new rankings 2021 released by Times Higher Education (THE) measures the performance of 1527 universities worldwide (1396 were included in the THE rankings 2020). Using a set of bibliometric indicators, the 2021 ranking aims to provide accurate measurements of the scientific impact of universities and relevant information to prospective students and families. Overall, Sant’Anna School has achieved the 170th position from the 149th position in rankings 2020 and Scuola Normale Superiore holds the 181st position from the  152nd position in 2020. Among the 49 Italian universities ranked by THE (up from 45 included in 2020), Sant’Anna School holds the second place and Scuola Normale Superiore achieves the third position.  

The Times Higher Education rankings judged university institutions performance across their core activities. Sant’Anna School has successfully built a solid reputation (96th position) as Italian and international higher education leader based on the “Industry Income” performance indicator. Scuola Normale Superiore confirmed its academic reputation as a leading institution for teaching and achieved 78th position in the most recent ranking for 2021 still attracting the best staff and students.

The Times Higher Education rankings have a central role in advancing the agenda for sustainable development in the mobilization of higher education and research institutions across their teaching, research, citations, international outlooks and industry outcomes. The THE analysts employed rigorous and weighted indicators with young/old and small/medium/large sized universities measuring their accomplishments as well as their national and regional engagement for development and economic growth. Rankings and increased competition between higher education institutions will improve transparency and accountability and provide a more comprehensive overview of institutions classified in ranking tables. As the higher education world has become more competitive and multi-polar, Sant’Anna and Normale in Pisa demonstrate their strength and excellence as research-intensive institutions preparing high talented students for the challenges of the future.

Sant’Anna School Rector Sabina Nuti, and Scuola Normale Superiore Director Luigi Ambrosio, said: “Sant’Anna and Normale will continue to intensify their efforts at leveraging inter-disciplinary research on global issues and address the challenges facing Italy. The rankings can be a useful tool and provide a systematic standard for comparison in the global market of higher education, but positions will depend on a range of criteria and particular circumstances for which statistics cannot give the students the full picture of what is academic excellence and college experience at Sant’Anna and Normale.”   

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