towards a sustainable society: SAM13 international conference 2019 taking place at sant’anna school on may 20-21 focuses on Social sustainability assessment of technologies and materials

The 13th SAM Society and Materials international conference takes place at Pisa Sant’Anna School on May 20-21, 2019. The conference focuses on societal challenges and technological solutions paradigm that rely on connections between scientific research, industry innovation and social development.

In addition to scientific and technological progress, future societal challenges require solutions for a sustainable transformation and industry materials with multiple functions and properties customized for specific applications. Attendees, scientists, academicians, industries and invited speakers will address sustainability issues and industrial applications of materials. Circular economy, eco-design, energy processes, climate and mobility will be discussed in close interaction with robotics in the steel industry.

Valentina Colla, as the Technical Research Manager at the Information and Communication Technologies for Complex Industrial Systems and Processes ITC-COISP centre, will serve as the Conference Vice-Chairman with the partnerships of Arcelor Mittal, IRT M2P, Réseau EcoSD, MetaFensch and IF Steelman.

As part of the Social Value of Materials (SOVAMAT) initiative, SAM conferences address the issues of sustainability assessment of processes and the use and dissemination of knowledge. Events bring together an interdisciplinary research community to discuss new sustainability metrics developments extending beyond common LCA (life-cycle assessment).

For 10 years, SAM conferences have been an international forum for exchanging ideas on new methodologies, new concepts and new issues that connect materials and society from different perspectives, ranging from social to engineering sciences. So far, 470 papers have been submitted and researchers introduced some of the best intuitions in disciplines like Material Flow Analysis or Life Cycle Assessment. A wide range of scientific approaches, driven by social science, economics or material science has also been presented.

The 13th SAM Society and Materials conference is expected to stimulate the same level of curiosity and interdisciplinary thinking as the previous events.


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