Value creation and distribution in the digital era: The first GROWINPRO annual conference, jointly organised with the OECD, will be held online on January 27/28, 2021. Among the participants, the Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz

Value creation and distribution in the digital era” is the theme at the core of the GROWINPRO’s first annual conference, to be held online on January 27/28, 2021. The conference is jointly organised by OECD’s Committee on Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), its Working Party on Industry Analysis (WPIA) and, the EU-sponsored “Growth, Welfare, Innovation and Productivity” (GROWINPRO) project coordinated by the Sant'Anna Institute of Economics.

The aim is to gather comparative cross-country evidence and discuss a wide array of policy-relevant issues related to:

  • The micro and macroeconomic analysis of productivity;
  • Industry structure and dynamics;
  • The international division of labour, global value chains and the creation and appropriation of value;
  • Technological change and the patterns of employment;
  • The role that innovation and competition policies may play in the digital transformation.

As you will see from the agenda (attached), Nobel Laureate, Prof. Joseph Stiglitz, will give the keynote speech.

The conference will feature a number of high-level speakers, including Dr. Román Arjona (Chief Economist, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission), Prof. Giovanni Dosi (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna), Prof. Nancy Gallini (University of British Columbia), Prof. Jonathan Haskel (Imperial College, tbc), and Prof. Pierre Régibeau (Chief Economist, DG Competition of the European Commission).

Participation is free, registration is needed.  Please register for the conference using this link.


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