- ImprESS - Improving Academic and Professional Education Capacity in Serbia in the area of Safety & Security

20.12.2017 to 19.12.2020

Basic rationale of the project is in the fact that EU Safety & Security (S&S) heavily depends on the performance in the same areas in the partner countries, especially ones in the closest neighbourhood, such as Serbia. The idea of the project - funded by Erasmus + Programme - is that the academic education capacity in the countries in the process of joining the EU should be improved in order to meet standards and new needs and challenges in Europe. The project can contribute to this by means of enhancing the capacity building in the field of academic and professional education in the area of S&S. The ImprESS project intends to improve exactly this in the following way: by means of strategic partnership (’’knowledge alliance’’) in which will set up the Model for improving the educational capacity in the area of ’’sector skill alliance’’ for S&S (SSASS). Based on this model a sample educational infrastructure (curriculum, modules, courses, academic and para-academic educational activities) will be established and implemented in Serbia.

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Altri programmi Europei
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Coordinatore: Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies of Belgrade


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European Commission