- LIFE CO2PES&PEF: Promotion and Enhancement of Forest System through different Ecosystem Services aimed to increased Carbon Stock

03.06.2020 to 03.12.2023

The first objective of the project is to conduct an analysis of the ecosystem services of three forest areas, representative of the Alpine and Apennine areas, and the operational implementation of some of them, in order to: 1) evaluate the contribution of the sustainable management of the forests, conservation and growth of carbon fixation and storage capacity and other ecosystem services; 2) Define the certification registers of ecosystem services as a result of the analysis of the scientific literature on the topic and existing experiences; 3) Provide an economic assessment of ecosystem services resulting from sustainable forest management, that can be used to create an "ecosystem credit" system; 4) Create a model for the development of a register and an ecosystem credit market, with the possibility of including them in "green bonds", in line with the latest EC plans on socially responsible investments. Ecosystem services will be those resulting from sustainable forest management practices. In action C1, a specific cognitive analysis of cultural ecosystem services will be conducted.

The second objective of the project is to analyze the life cycle of the wood products of these three forest areas according to the PEF methodology and the EU Rec 2013/179, and to minimize the impacts of the industry. The specific objectives of this section of the project are: 1) To carry out a screening of the wood industry, build a PEFCR (Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules) and conduct support studies; 2) Organize an operational plan for companies involved in PEFCR studies, whose impact could be reduced by 2%; 3) Create a Toolkit for companies in the forestry and wood sector in order to make the PEF analysis replicable in other territories and guide them for obtaining certifications for Green Public Procurement activities.

The third objective of the project is to provide support elements for policy makers, which can be replicated not only in other regions, but also nationally and internationally. The specific objectives are: 1) Provide information to implement Adjustment Plans; 2) Provide recommendations on good practices that increase forest ecosystem services, which can be included in the Rural Development Plan (RDP) of Regions; 3) To encourage the use of wood according to the "cascade" method.

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