02.09.2019 to 31.12.2022

The LIFE MAGIS project aims to support the launch and diffusion of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) method application in Italy and the recently introduced PEF-based Made Green in Italy Scheme, to stimulate innovation aimed at improving product environmental footprints, to strengthen communication about green products and to incentivise their purchase by consumers. The main targets of the project are both producers (i.e. Italian companies that will apply the PEF method by participating in the national scheme) and consumers.

According to the PEF method, LIFE MAGIS will support the development of both PEFCRs (i.e. Product Category Rules to perform PEF studies of specific types of products) not previously included in the EC Pilots of the PEF methodology, and PEF-compliant datasets. LIFE MAGIS will help the definition of PEFCRs at the EU level by elaborating rules at the national level that will be proposed to the European Commission as the basis to start developing PEFCRs in new product groups. So one of the main LIFE MAGIS objectives is to develop at least 6 new PEFCRs proposals at national level, related to product groups not previously considered by the EC PEF pilots. 

The following specific objectives will be also pursued:

- to prove the effectiveness of the PEF method in promoting sustainable models of production and consumption; 

- to encourage more well-informed and conscious choices by consumers and to ensure the transparency and comparability of environmental information; 

- to strongly stimulate the continuous improvement of the product environmental performance, thanks to the requirements of the Made Green in Italy Scheme on continuous improvement;

- to develop and make available to interested companies at least 7 new PEF-compliant datasets related to the product groups involved in the project;

- to create tools and approaches for including PEF in national schemes, easily replicable and transferable in other Member States.

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