- LIFE TACKLE: Teaming-up for A Conscious Kick for the Legacy of Environment

01.09.2018 to 30.09.2021

The main objective of TACKLE is to increase the awareness and to improve the practices of sport events key actors in order to improve environmental management during football events. Grounding on the shortcomings that characterize the current governance of these sport events, in order to prevent and reduce football matches' environmental impacts, the project aims to:

- Focus the project activities on the whole sport event life cycle (conception, organisation, staging, closure);

- Collect, assess and test best practices on environmental management during sport events realizing Guidelines as basis for the awareness actions;

- Develop adequate competences and organizational structures within the national football associations (NFAs) to guide the diffusion of best practices in the related football leagues and stadiums;

- Identify the critical information flows that are necessary for NFAs to ensure an adequate implementation of the EU enviornmental policies in stadiums;

- Increase the competences and awareness of NFAs in developing a set of strategies and tools, e.g. guidelines, procedures, contract formats, etc. to both prevent and manage waste according to circular economy criteria and to improve stadiums' environmental management;

- Engage all the relevant contractors in enduring efforts to prevent and reduce waste during football matches (e.g. food and beverages providers, stadium cleaning operators, tickets sellers etc.);

- Promote the continuous improvement of the environmental management of football events even after the end of the project via the setting of targets and the peer-influence of the National Football Associations committed to environmental sustainability;

- Develop and implement communication campaigns aimed at increasing awareness over environmental issues among: football clubs, football fan clubs, supporters, stadium and sport facilities staff;

- Exploit the influence of Football National Associations, Football Leagues and Football clubs and famous football players over fans and supporters to engage them in keeping correct behaviours;

- Replicate project activities and results in non participating NFAs through the establishment of a specific Replicability Management Board (RMB) coordinated by UEFA;

- Keep strong contacts with EURO 2020 organizers to share with them TACKLE results on environmental management issues to be valorised during the European Championship;

- Assure a wide dissemination of project results adopting advanced communications techniques and valorising the support of Life Programme during the targeted football events

Website: https://lifetackle.eu/


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Altri programmi Europei
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Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management
AMIU Genova SpA
Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio
Federația Română de Fotbal
Svenska Fotbollförbundet
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Tiberio Daddi


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€1 167 270
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€1 947 070
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€285 486