- POLITER - Innovation Pole on ICT and Robotics

01.07.2011 to 31.07.2014
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The Innovation Poles project was granted by Regione Toscana with the aim to promote the creation of networks / infrastructures and support the companies located in the region to innovato and to interact with research organizations. The poles were created in 11 fields considered strategic for regional development .

The School was a partner of the Innovation Pole on ICT& Robotics.

In the project, the School played an active role in the animation of the cluster or companies active in the robotics sector. It contributed to map the technological and innovative needs in the companies which could be satisfied by tuscan universities.

He organized events in order to disseminate the scientific academic knowledge to local companies,


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Altri progetti finanziati dalla regione Toscana
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Partner di progetto: 
Polo di Navacchio Spa
Pont-Tech Scarl
Lucca Innovazione e Tecnologia Srl
Università di Pisa
Università di Siena
CSAVRI - Università di Firenze
PIN Scrl


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Regione Toscana