SUMPRI12MF - PRISCA: Pilot project for scale re-use starting from bulky waste stream

01.09.2012 to 30.06.2015

PRISCA aims at contributing to the effective implementation of the Thematic Strategy on waste and natural resources. PRISCA project fully falls in promoting waste prevention and application of the Directive on waste management.

The project will demonstrate the feasibility of 2 Re-use Centres, one in Vicenza and the other in San Benedetto del Tronto , two towns with different waste streams and different typologies of waste producers and second-hand sector (SHS) operators.

PRISCA project will decrease mainly the flow of "bulky materials to disposing" (EWC Code 20 03 07), for which it is plausible to assume a goal of re-use of 60% (according to ODR studies). PRISCA will demonstrate the possibility to achieve this target starting from the pre-selection of reusable goods from MSW stream afferent to the two bulky collection centres in Vicenza and San Benedetto del Tronto.

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LIFE+ - The Financial Instrument for the Environment 2007-2013
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€329 495

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European Commission