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Automation & Robotics
Innovation Services

Scienzia Machinale Srl was founded in 1990 by a group of young researchers of the BIorobotics laboratories of the School Superiore Sant'Anna, starting as a partner in a number of European projects in the field of robotics applications for medical use.

After a few years Scienzia Machinale Srl faced the industry by providing its know-how and its personell to seek innovative solutions for third parties.

In 2004 Scienzia Machinale Srl founded Fabrica Machinale, a company currently operating in service robotics and developing industrial products marketed under the brand Roboticom.

Scienzia Machinale Srl currently operates in the market with two brands, Novamentis and Sensometrico.
For Novamentis Scienzia Machinale Srl usually offers Contract Design services, for major Italian and foreign companies; for Sensometrico it produces a set of tools for the analysis of materials.

From 2015 Scienzia Machinale Srl became part of a group of multinational companies, whose parent company is Epic International Inc. American company based in San Clemente, CA.


For the brand NOVAMENTIS, Scienzia Machinale Srl has created an organization that provides services to businesses of Contract Design based on a consolidated interdisciplinary competence and supported by an innate propensity for innovation useful and decisive.

The historical goal of NOVAMENTIS has always been to lay a solid foundation for a progressive and reliable development of engineering services and R&D in the field of mechatronics and robotics.

For the SENSOMETRICO brand, Scienzia Machinale Srl designs, produces and offers on the market measuring instruments based on original and patented methods and techniques. These instruments can provide functionality in the field of measurement of mechanical and tribological characteristics of the materials and metallic coatings.

The BioRobotics Institute
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