Percro Sees

Smart materials

Thermally activated coiled structures made of cheap polymers that shows ground breaking performances:

  • Energy density 4-5 kJ/kg


  • Manufacturing procedure
  • Development of a custom experimental setup
  • Experimental characterization

High altitude wind energy


  • Investigating offshore HAWE systems


  • Modeling of floating platform HAWE
  • Investigates energy extraction  
  • Define design procedures for the float
  • Validation optimization and control strategies

Energy Harvesting

  • Innovative transducers based on Dielectric Elastomers for Wave Energy Harvesting.
  • Coupled hydrodynamic-electro-hyperelastic models
  • New optimized materials for energy harvesting
  • Optimal Control of  DE generators
  • Experimental testing of Poly-WEC 

Mechatronic systems

Snake Robot with variable impedance series-elastic actuation to improve locomotion efficiency.
In collaboration with Centro Gustavo Stefanini
Granted by: Finmeccanica

  • Study of the actuation/locomotion architecture
  • Design and development of a test bench prototype