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SELECTION FOR two NON TENURE- RACK, FIXED TERM POSITION OF ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in accordance with art. 24 paragraph 3, letter a) of Italian law 240/2010 - Institute of Management and DIPE EMbeDS

Call notice date: 16.04.2019 Deadline for application submission: 30.05.2019

The Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies by Rectoral Decree no. 221  dated April, 16, 2019, whose notice has been published on Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 38 dated MAu, 14, 2019,  has opened a public selection for the recruitment of two assistant professors  (ricercatore a tempo determinato) with full time positions, non tenure track temporary  contracts (3 years) pursuant to art. 24 paragraph 3 letter A of Italian Law no. 240/2010  in the Academic Recruitment Field Management (SC 13/B2) – Academic Discipline Management (SSD SECS-P/08) at the Institute of Management among them one for the activities of the EMbeDS Department of Excellence (Economics and Management in the Era of Data Science).

Deadline: by May, 30, 2019, at 1 p.m. (Italian Time: GMT+2)

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The  interviews will be on June, 24, 2019 in the in the meeting room at the second floor of the Building of the School in Palazzo Toscanelli - Via Santa Cecilia, 3 Pisa. The time and the short list of the candidates will be announced in this  web page on: June, 14. 2019.

The interview will start at 11 a.m. Have been admitted candidates: Cantarelli P., Carreras G., De Rosis S., Vola F.

No further information will be given to admitted candidates

First meeting

The Committee has hold the first meeting on June, 14, 2019.


By Rectoral Decree no. 466 dated July, 10, 2019 has been declared winners: Dr-. Paola Cantarelli and Dr. Federico Vola.

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department (Tel. +39-050-883.575/258, e-mail

Tipologia Selezione e Concorsi:
Selezioni per ricercatori a tempo determinato


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