Organisations and Companies

Becoming a supplier for the school

The School is a public administration subject to national and eu regulations on public contracts and normally provides for its purchases of goods and services through e-procurement instruments, such as the electronic market of the p.a. (MePA) and the electronic purchasing system of the tuscany region (START), availing itself of economic operators qualified by said instruments.

Even with regard to works, the school prefers to use ict tools, such as the start portal.

For open bidding procedures, please see the on line register/bidding procedures

Information for the School's suppliers

This administration is subject to split payment as  art. 17c of presidential decree 633/72introduced by the Stability Law of 2015.

From 1 april 2015, sant'anna school will be invoiced only electronically through the exchange system managed by the revenue agency.

All taxpayers supplying goods and services to the school are therefore obliged to issue their invoices according to electronic procedures (legislative decree 52/2004 n. e legislative decree no. 82/2005).

The invoices will show the annotation "split payment".

The value added tax shall be paid directly to the tax office in the manner and within the time limits set by the mef decree issued on 23 january 2015.