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    Studying at Sant'Anna School


The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies developed advanced-education paths for University students, graduate students and professionals. To ensure an excellent educational path, admission to the courses is subject to a public competitive examination.

Standard Courses – University education paths for worthy and capable students to integrate and complete the courses of the University of Pisa. Since its early origins, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies included these courses in its educational offering. These courses are a distinctive feature of Pisa University System, which has been devoting to the education and enhancement of talented students through paths combining a collegiate nature with an excellent education for over two centuries.

PhD Programmes and Doctorates – They are legally equivalent to Research Doctorates, addressed to young and brilliant students, and focused on research areas of particular scientific and social importance, a special attention being paid to the demands for innovation and modernization.

University and International Masters – They are aimed at deepening knowledge and expertise in innovative areas having a peculiar strategic importance for the manufacturing and industrial world. All the Masters of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies are characterized by a strong interdisciplinary and applied approach.

Advanced Education – Addressed to enterprises, companies and organizations, the advanced education courses complete the educational offering of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, in line with the new requirements of society and labour market, and going hand in hand with innovation and the new discoveries in the economic, social and scientific fields.

Excellence and Specialization in Research
The University and graduate students, selected among the worthiest students, are lodged in a scientific community rich in stimuli, where research supports the different phases of study. A single community, where passion for research is fostered and cultivated under every aspect. To achieve excellence in their field of study, students are offered the opportunity to use the laboratories and research centres of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, as well as to collaborate with foreign universities.