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Federated Board of Governors

The School is federated with the Istituto Universitario Studi Superiori (Institute for Advanced Studies) of Pavia, hereinafter IUSS, and with the Scuola Normale Superiore, hereinafter Scuola Normale, also Superior Graduate Schools Pursuant to and for the purposes of Law No 240/2010, Ministerial Decree No 635/2016 and Ministerial Decree No 264/2017.

The federated Board of Governors is the collective decision-making body of the School and the other federated Universities. It is responsible for planning financial and economic activities and all aspects related to property and personnel, ensuring the economic-financial sustainability of the activities of each federate University

The Board of Governors is composed of nine members as follows:

a) the Sant’Anna School's Rector;

b) the Scuola Normale’s Director;

c) the IUSS's Rector;

d) three governors from outside the federated Universities, one of them shall act as President;

e) a student of the Sant’Anna School;

f) a student of the Scuola Normale;

g) a student of the IUSS.

Sant'Anna School Rector

Scuola Normale Superiore Director

External Counselor

With the functions of President

Representative of Honors students - Sant'Anna School


Representative of Honors students - IUSS