Organs and Administration

Human Resources Department


  • legal compliances of teaching and permanent/temporary research staff, legal/administrative compliances pertinent to the careers of technical administrative staff, research fellows, linguistic associates and contractors;
  • managing the payroll (including additional payments) of teachers, researchers, technical administrators, and the remuneration of research fellows, scholarship recipients and external collaborators, and the pertinent tax and social security compliances;
  • supporting the triennial need planning process of the teaching, research and technical administrative staff and related expenditure forecast monitoring in the medium-long also in order to verify alignment with project budgets;
  • recruiting and selecting research staff and fellows, comparative evaluation procedures to give external assignments;
  • managing labor relations;
  • process analysis and improvement projects, implementing organizational model actions;
  • managing technical administrative staff skills profiles;
  • managing technical administrative staff;
  • managing the performance measurement and evaluation system.

This Department consists of the following organizational units: Staff Office, Staff Development Office.

Human Resources Department HEAD

Staff Development Office Head

U.O. Segreteria Didattica - Responsabile