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Dr. Alessandro Lucantonio is Associate Professor in Solid and Structural Mechanics at the BioRobotics Institute. He holds a PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Sapienza Università di Roma and a MSc in Space Engineering from the same institution. During the PhD, he was Visiting Student Research Collaborator at Princeton University in the Complex Fluids group. After the PhD, he was first Postdoctoral Researcher and then Assistant Professor at SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, in the mathLab group within the Mathematics Area. 

His main expertise is the theoretical and computational modeling of multi-physics systems, including polymer-based smart materials and biological tissues, also using novel approaches at the intersection between mechanics, (discrete) differential geometry and machine learning.

He is currently teaching the courses "Computational Modeling for Multiphysics" for the PhD in Biorobotics and "Mechanics of elastic solids and biorobotic structures" for the MSc in Bionics Engineering. Moreover, he is co-advising several PhD students at the Institute who are carrying out research in soft robotics, biorobotic structures and laboratory automation.

Dr. Lucantonio was recently awarded the ERC Starting Grant 2021 with the project "AI-based Learning for Physical Simulation (ALPS)", where he will develop new algorithms for the construction of mathematical models for physical systems starting from experimental data. PhD and postdoc positions available! (please write an e-mail)

Finally, Dr. Lucantonio is participating to the European projects: SoftGrip, I-SEED and STORM-BOTS. 

MSc and PhD theses available (see Research page for the topics).  


  • Applications of machine learning and AI techniques to physical simulation  
  • High-performance physical simulation methods based on discrete approaches
  • Mechanics and geometry of soft actuators and active materials, including smart gels and liquid crystal elastomers
  • Fracture mechanics of polymer gels
  • Modeling of growth processes in plants and biological tissues

MSc and PhD theses available on these topics! Please contact me: a.lucantonio (at)