Da 13.09.2021 a 14.09.2021

Climate and Changes: Legal and Ethical Implications

The workshop will take place at the Sant'Anna School (Aula 3). Live streaming on WebEx platform (13 and 14 September)

The Center for Interlegality Research, the Research area in public ethics and the Jean Monnet Module on ‘European and International Human Rights Standards in Disaster Settings’ are jointly organizing an international workshop on “Climate and Change”. The workshop will take place at the Sant'Anna School headquarter (Aula 3). Live streaming on WebEx platform and on the Sant'Anna School YouTube Channel: HERE (13 September, 15.00 PM - 18.00 PM) and HERE (14 September, 8.45 AM - 13.30 PM)

The workshop will revolve around the changes that climate change generates, and those that it should generate. Climate Change has challenged in depth our views and visions, involving not just the scientific assessment of our ecological fate, but also the function of law, the societal model, the economic strategies and the cultural approach to the life of our polities. Accordingly, the workshop shall inquire upon whether climate change is to be met by novel concepts and techniques, to better tackle the inescapable changes in our legal, political and ethical understanding. These and germane issues will be discussed by a pool of eminent experts of environmental law, legal theory and public ethics.

The workshop will take place on 13 and 14 of September 2021 at the Scuola’s main building. The programme is attached. The event is part of “All4Climate – Italy 2021” programme, sponsored by the Italian Ministry for the Environment and aimed at promoting 2021 as the Year of Climate Ambition.

For more info, please contact any of the convenors: Francesca Capone (f.capone@santannapisa.it), Eduardo Chiti (e.chiti@santannapisa.it), Gianluigi Palombella (g.palombella@santannapisa.it), Alberto Pirni (a.pirni@santannapisa.it), Emanuele Sommario (e.sommario@santannapisa.it).




Da 13.09.2021 A 14.09.2021

Luogo evento:
Sede Centrale Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33
56100 Pisa PI
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