Il 18.02.2020

Web-based innovation indicators

Jan Kinne - ZEW (Centre for European Economic Research), Mannheim (Germany)
The Institute of Economics will hold a meeting of its Seminar Series on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020: Jan Kinne, from ZEW, will present the paper "Web-based innovation indicators".
Abstract: Evidence-based STI (science, technology, and innovation) policy making requires accurate indicators of innovation in order to promote economic growth. However, traditional indicators from patents and questionnaire-based surveys often lack coverage, granularity as well as timeliness and may involve high data collection costs, especially when conducted at a large scale. Consequently, they struggle to provide policy makers and scientists with the full picture of the current state of the innovation system. We propose a novel web mining framework as a new approach to overcome some of these shortcomings of traditional indicators. The talk will give an overview over three associated papers:
•Web Mining of Firm Websites: A Framework for Web Scraping and a Pilot Study for Germany
•Predicting Innovative Firms Using Web Mining and Deep Learning
•The Digital Layer: How Innovative Firms Relate on the Web



Il 18.02.2020

Da 14:00

Luogo evento:
Sede centrale - Aula 3
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33
56127 Pisa
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