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Course Cycle on Integrated Photonics – First edition

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Integrated Photonics
Pisa, Italy
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First edition is free, €100 deposit to be returned


Target candidates are coming from the academia and the industry with a master of science in the area of Electronic or Telecommunication Engineering or Physics, or professionals with adequate background who want to pursue intensive specialization courses with practical sessions in the complete line of design, fabrication, packaging and characterization.

Course Cycle on Integrated Photonics

  1. Photonic Integrated Circuit Design and Fabrication (PIC D&F) - 5-16 September 2016
  2. Photonic and Electronic Integrated Circuit Packaging (PEIC Pack) - 14-18 November 2016
  3. Characterization and Testing (C&T) session - 20-24 March 2017

Participant number

  1. 10-20
  2. 10-20
  3. 5-40

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Teaching methods

Lectures , Laboratory sessions , Live Sessions

The Integrated Photonic Technologies Center INPHOTEC, part of the TeCIP Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, in collaboration with CNIT (National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications), offers a comprehensive training programme on photonic integrated circuits design and fabrication, and on photonic/electronic packaging and characterization.

INPHOTEC makes available during the courses to the enrolled trainees its 700 sqm highly professional fabrication facility and technology platforms for clean room live sessions.


The main training objective of the course is to strengthen skills in the design and fabrication of photonic integrated circuits, in photonic/electronic packaging and in characterization processes for staff from both the academic world and industry. The course offers the opportunity to interact with a unique infrastructure on the national scene – the Clean Room - located at the TECIP Institute, which operates in a highly-strategic environment at the international level.

The course includes activities in both the classroom and laboratory, which are intensive pace and designed in order to teach concepts that will lead to the undertaking of independent activities in public or private institutions with integrated circuits design and manufacturing facilities.

Course programme


MONDAY 5, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Introduction to PICs, waveguides and passive devices
  • Software installation, introduction to mode solver and propagator

TUESDAY 6, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Passive devices
  • Simulation of passive devices

WEDNESDAY 7, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Active devices (modulators & photodetectors)
  • Circuit simulation: theory and software Description

THURSDAY 8, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Introduction to mask design: design rules and PDK overview
  • PIC Fabrication and technology steps (photolithography, e-beam litography, etching, Deposition, metallizations, planarization)

FRIDAY 9, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • PIC Packaging techniques and design constraints
  • Project development presentation and discussion

MONDAY 12, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Characterization and metrology, reliability (theory + lab tour)
  • Mask design with a tutor

TUESDAY 13, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Inphotec fabrication platforms
  • Mask design with a tutor

WEDNESDAY 14, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Mask design with a tutor / Clean Room live session
  • Clean Room live session / Mask design with a Tutor

THURSDAY 15, 2016 (9am to 6pm)

  • Packaging Lab session (beginners)
  • PIC Characterization Lab session
  • At the end of the course PIC D & F, students will have set the Mask Design project and will be able to independently develop it over the following two months, taking advantage of the design software-dedicated licences.


MONDAY 14, 2016

  • Introduction to PIC Packaging
  • Overview of players in photonic /electronic packaging

TUESDAY 15, 2016

  • Technologies: Dicing, Polishing, Die attachment
  • Technologies: Wire bonding + Lab session 1

WEDNESDAY 16, 2016

  • Technologies: Flip chip
  • Lab session 2

THURSDAY 17, 2016

  • Technologies: Assembly, Alignment, Pigtailing
  • Lab session 3

FRIDAY 18, 2016

  • Photonic/electronic package design and layout
  • Flow chart and assembly methodology

At the end of the PEIC pack course or within two months of its completion, the designed photonic integrated circuit can be delivered to the InPhoTec infrastructure in order for it to be fabricated. This will take about 4 months.

------------------------------------------CHARACTERIZATION AND TESTING (C&T), 20-24 March 2017

The C&T Course is organised into laboratory sessions aimed at verifying adequate photonic integrated circuit fabrication results, in order to discover how a device respects the design specifics. This is usually done through testing and electronic measurement sessions on the device, in order to provide an accurate outline of circuit performance.

How to apply

Candidates are requested to apply on-line by 24 June 2016. To apply please click here.

Applications will be evaluated considering the coherence of the candidate’s CV and his/her background with the chosen courses. If the number of applicants is above the available places, the candidates will be admitted, given the minimum requirements, on the basis of the chronological arrival order of the admission application.

Applications containing a request for admission to the entire cycle of courses will be given priority.

Applications must contain an updated curriculum vitae and a copy of a valid identity document and must be forwarded to the specified address. Applications not containing the requested information will not be taken into consideration.

Course fee

First edition is free of charge.

Deposit: To complete the admission procedure, selected candidates will be required to pay a €100 deposit that will be returned at the end of the chosen training course/s.

If admitted candidates communicate that they will not participate in the course/s at any time up to 30 days before the beginning of their first chosen course, they will be entitled to a return of their deposit. However, no deposit will be returned should the renunciation take place after this time: i.e. 30 days before the start of the student’s first course.



Attendance certificate

Attendance certificate will be provided on condition of an attendance-rate of at least 90%.

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Annalisa Bigi
Istituto delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione, della Comunicazione e della Percezione (TeCIP), Via G. Moruzzi, 1 - 56124 Pisa - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Tel:  +39 050 88.2191


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