First Level Master's Diploma

Human Rights and Conflict Management


The Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management brings together a core teaching staff of leading specialists from around the world. Lecturers and trainers are chosen among academics, diplomats, international organizations officers and NGOs activists, thus offering a wealth of both academic and field expertise.

Please find below a list of some of the lecturers that have delivered their lectures in the past editions of the MA programme.

Peacekeeping/Peacebuilding and Crisis Management (Legal Framework of Peace-support operations, International Organizations, Regional Peacekeeping, etc.)

  • Andrea de GUTTRY, Full Professor of Public International Law, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.
  • Daniel RUIZ, Director of MONUSCO office in Goma.
  • Francesco CALEPRICO, Deputy Head of Division European External Action Service (EEAS).

Human Rights (Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law, Legal Framework of Peacekeeping Operations, Human Rights Monitoring and Education, Human Rights Field operations, International Criminal Law, etc.)

  • William O’NEILL, Human Rights Consultant and Senior UN Advisor
  • Mike BISI, Independent expert on asylum, refugee and migration issues
  • Antonio BULTRINI, Professor of International Law, University of Florence
  • Marianne MOLLMAN, Senior Policy Advisor, Amnesty International
  • Michael BOCHENEK, Legal and Policy Director, Amnesty International
  • Takhmina KARIMOVA, Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Geneva
  • Michael O’FLAHERTY, Irish Centre for Human Rights National University of Ireland
  • Jan VAN ZYL SMIT, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, BIICL
  • Emanuele SOMMARIO, Assistan Professor in Public International Law, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  • Gabriella CITRONI, Senior Researcher, University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Christine BAKKER, LUISS
  • Luisa CRUZ, Legal Consultant, FAO
  • Antonio MARCHESI. Professor of International Law,University of Teramo
  • Andrea TAMIETTI, Head of Division, Registry of the European Court of Human Rights
  • Luisa VIERUCCI, Assistant Professor of International Law, University of Florence
  • Veronica BIRGA, Human Rights Officer, Focal Point, Follow-up to the SG Study on Violence against Children – OHCHR
  • Flaviano BIANCHINI, Source International
  • Getahun KASSA, Center for Human Rights Studies, College of Law and Governance, Addis Abeba University
  • Cynthia PETRIGH, Founder, Beyond (peace)
  • Silvia SCARPA, Research Fellow in International Law, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  • Chiara MACCHI, Research Fellow in International Law, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  • Serena BORSANI, Sport 2 build
  • Homayoun ALIZADEH, Chief, Peace Missions Support & Rapid Response Section (PMSRRS), Field Operations & Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD), Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Ian MARTIN, Former SRSG and Head of UNSMIL

International Humanitarian Operations

  • Kostantino MOSCHOCHORITIS, Humanitarian Aid Specialist
  • Enrico PAVIGNANI, Health System Expert – Former WHO consultant

International Election Observation Missions (Electoral Assistance, Long and Short Term Election Observation, Electoral Systems, etc.)

  • Jeff FISCHER, Electoral Expert, Former Director of the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)
  • Carlo ACCAME, Electoral Expert (OSCE/ODHIR, UN, EU)
  • Delphine BLANCHET, Electoral Expert (OSCE/ODIHR, UN, EU)
  • Hanna ROBERTS, Electoral Expert
  • Annette Monika FATH-LILIC, Electoral Expert

Conflict Management

  • Oussama SAFA, Director, LebaneseCenter for Policy Studies, Beirut
  • Joao GOMES PORTO, University of Leipzig

Economic Development

  • Andrea FILIPPETTI, Marie Curie Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Marco MISSAGLIA, Professor of International Economics, University of Pavia
  • Gianni VAGGI, Full professor of Development Economics, University of Pavia
  • Nadia VON JACOBI, University of Pavia
  • Marzia FONTANA, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
  • Gonzalo VARELA, Economics,University of Sussex

Philosophy of human rights

  • Ben COLBURN, University of Glasgow
  • Giuseppe MARTINICO, Research Fellow, European University Institute

Geopolitics and regional issues in historical perspective

  • Francesco STRAZZARI, Associate Professor in International Relations,  Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
  • Arturo MARZANO, Research Fellow in History and Politics of Middle East, University of Pisa
  • Arrigo PALLOTTI, Professor,University of Bologna
  • Vasco MOLINI, Economist, World Bank
  • Nicola MIGLIORINO, Al Akhawayn University

Essential of Research and Writing

  • Francesca CAPONE, Research Fellow at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

International Project Development

  • Vincent CURIE, Senior Manager, B&S Europe
  • Marina PIRAZZI, Consultant in the area of project planning
  • Katia RAGUZZONI, Consultant in the area of project planning

Developing Personal Skills (Personal Security and Safety, Pre Mission Medical Preparation/Preventive Medicine, Stress Management, Teambuilding, First Aid, Media and HR, Career coaching)

  • Jens BEHRENDT, Chief, Recruitment Section, OSCE
  • Soraya JOHAAR-GLICK, Human Resources Management Expert, UN
  • Manuela MORELLI, HR Specialist at WHO Geneva
  • Martine BOURQUIN, Stress Management Consultant
  • Wendy MOROTTI, Health and Safety Unit, WFP
  • Gloria DENTON, Health and Safety Unit, WFP
  • Guido Paolo RIDONI, Challenge Learning
  • Dan WIESENFELD, Management Consultants
  • Helen Krug VON NIDDA, Professional Development Trainer
  • Gugliemo SCHININA’, Psychosocial Programs Manager,Middle East, IOM
  • Fabio GRAZIOSI, Information Officer for Italy, the Holy See, Malta and San Marino, United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC), Brussels
  • Airborne Brigade “FOLGORE”, Italian Army
  • UNV Recruiters