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International protection and rights of minors in the European Union

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Refresher Courses for Practising Lawyers and Legal Experts
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da 25.11.2020 a 23.01.2021
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€ 200,00. Exemption from enrolment fees for No. 5 foreign students who are refugees or subsidiary protection holders

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Recipients of the Course are professionals (such as: public officers, lawyers, consultants, legal operators, social workers, guardians), academics, Ph.D. students and students with a general knowledge of the matter and intended to update their competences.

The intensive training Course “International protection and rights of minors in the European Union” is organized in the framework of the three-year Jean Monnet Module MARS “Migration, Asylum and Rights of Minors”.

Participants will be trained to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the legal discipline of international protection and of the rights of minors in the European Union, including the most relevant International Covenants, EU Directives and the current issues and trends.

The first session of 25-28 November 2020 is aimed at analysing the legislative framework, focusing on the access to the international procedure and the right to an effective remedy. The second session of 14-16 January 2021 is aimed to investigate the children’s right to be heard, the credibility assessment in the international protection procedure and the reception of minors who ask for asylum. The third session of 21-23 January 2021 is devoted to the strategic litigation for the protection of minors who apply for asylum in the European Union and to the protection of minors against trafficking and smuggling. A specific focus is also devoted to unaccompanied minors.

Trainers are academics and experts from ICJ, UNHCR, ASGI, ECRE, CGUE.


The Course aims to provide:

- an advanced insight on the international and EU law on immigration and asylum, with a particular reference to the following covenants: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Refugee Convention, the European Convention on Human Rights, and to the following EU Directives: Procedures Directive (directive 2013/32/EU), Reception Conditions Directive (directive 2013/33/EU) and Qualification Directive (directive 2011/95/EU);

- a practical and applicable knowledge and tools on the fundamental rights of migrant children in international protection procedures, including an analysis of the standards for the qualification of migrant children as beneficiaries of international protection;

- an overview of the most relevant case law and the challenges that EU and Member States are facing in managing migration and asylum, debating also on the current European policies.

The Course will be based on a participatory methodology, including several case studies and Q&A sessions planned to stimulate the interaction between trainers and trainees and to promote the creation of a network among all the participants. The topics will be analysed adopting an interdisciplinary approach, involving trainers from different disciplines and backgrounds. The training material will be available on a devoted platform and on the MARS website (


At the end of the Course only participants who have attended at least 70% of the classes, passed the final learning assessment test and have paid the tuition fee, will receive a Certificate of Attendance including University Credits acquired.

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