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International Standards for the Protection of Individuals and Groups: A Training Course for Officers Working on Human Rights

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Human rights, conflict management and development cooperation
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
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da 03.02.2020 a 07.02.2020
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The Course is intended for the following main recipients: police officers, gendarmes and civilians who are to be deployed in, or have strong prospects to be deployed in international missions (e.g. UN, EU, OSCE), with functions related to the promotion and protection of human rights. Candidates already deployed and serving in an international mission are not eligible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are aware that some applicants have experienced several problems when trying to submit their application via our online system. In order to facilitate the process, it is now possible to apply also by simply sending the application form, together with a copy of your passport, to:

Please note that this method does not envisage the sending of a confirmation email.

The overall objective of the course is to provide participants with the specific competences and skills they will need to fulfil their tasks as members of missions with a human rights component. After an introduction to human rights law standards and mechanisms, the course offers guidance on how to monitor, fact-find and report human rights and an overview of human rights capacity building activities.

The course will focus on 8 main subject areas divided into three main training modules.

The first will be devoted to the knowledge of human rights standards and mechanisms.  The subjects covered are as follows:

1.      International Human Rights Law and other branches of International Law developed for the protection of individual and collective rights

2.      Policies, mechanisms and tools for the protection of HR in the field

3.      The European Union’s institutions and human rights policies

The second one will deal with human rights monitoring in the broad sense, both at the general and specific level and will also include a reporting component. The following subjects will be included:

4.      Monitoring

5.      Fact finding

6.      Reporting

The third module will be devoted to capacity-building in general, thus including the following subjects:

7.      Human rights education

8.      Capacity-building.


The training aims at providing both theoretical and practical knowledge of human rights related aspects. Consequently, the course will comprehend both traditional lectures and interactive ones that will enable participants to apply the knowledge they acquired and practice their skills.

How to apply:

Applicants must, by and no later than 6 December 2019 submit the application exclusively online, including all the requested documents . For more details, including eligibility requirements, please carefully read the call for admission.


At the end of the course, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies will issue a certificate of attendance, with the value permitted by the law, to the students who attended at least 80% of the lessons.

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