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意大利葡萄酒之旅 (高级培训课程)
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Innovation Management
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chongqing, China
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da 21.11.2019 a 01.12.2019
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12.000 ¥

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The Course is open to all those who love Italian culture, art, fashion and lifestyle, since Italian wines are part of this beauty. It is suitable for all curious and passionate or who want to be involved in the wine culture, to those who have no knowledge and to those who have already had the opportunity to approach the "land of beauty" through its good wines. It is addressed to those who love refinement and elegance, those who know how to enjoy the pleasure of knowledge and a journey through the different territories and different Italian wine styles, to master and to know how to savor them, to increase their social prestige and to share a passion with others.

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge and competence about Italian wine culture, to provide knowledge and information concerning traditions and history of Italian viticulture, its richness of varieties and its characteristics and regional diversity. At the center of this journey wine will be looked as a cultural asset, not simply as a consumer product of ‘Made in Italy’. For this reason the participants will be instructed in Italian culture and cultural features for which Italy is famous throughout the world as the ‘country of beauty’. A special focus will be addressed to practical experience, namely learning the techniques of tasting, thanks to the module provided by Club AIS China (Italian Sommelier Association).


The course will consist of 48 hours: sessions will be spread in 2 weeks, from Thursday to Sunday for 6 hours per day, in a Hotel of Chongqing. The content will be structured in three distinct disciplinary areas:

  1. Principles of viticulture and enology.

This part of the course is aimed at providing the principal knowledge regarding the production of grapes and training of vines, the berry composition and main grape varieties grown in Italy and wine types. In addition, there will be a focus on wine making techniques used in the production of red, white and sparkling wines.

 2)      Culture, lifestyle and health.

In this section the teachers will exploit storytelling to connect the culture of wine with other Italian typical cultural aspects such as art, fashion, architecture, design, music, cinema, environmental sustainability. In addition, special focus will be addressed to the health benefits and anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties of wines

 3)      Tasting and describing wines

Club AIS China experts will teach terminology used in the art of sommelier along with the techniques of tasting through sensorial analysis (sight, smell and taste), with a special selection of Italian red, white and sparkling wines. In addition they will teach the techniques of pairing Italian wines with Chinese and Italian food.


At the end of the Course the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and Club AIS China will issue a certificate of attendance with value to the extent permitted by law, to the participants who attended at least 80% of the entire training programme, are up-to-date with the payment of the enrolment fee and those who will pass the learning assessment tests, will receive in addition, the ECTS delivered by the University Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

Chongqing’s Galileo Galilei Italian Institute Tel:  +86 023-65106100 / +86 023-65102029
U.O. Alta Formazione Tel:  050 882645


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