Climate Change: challenges and opportunities

A workshop gathering experts and policy makers to discuss one of the major challenges of the 21st century


The workshop will take place on September 9 at 2 pm at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa.  It is organised within the public engagement activities of the EU H2020 project GROWINPRO, with the support of the Department of Excellence EMbeDS and of 3CSA (the Centre for Climate Change studies and Sustainable Actions) an inter-university centre supported by the Federation of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, the Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa and the University School for Advanced Studies – IUSS of Pavia.

Lord Adair Turner, chairman of the Energy Transitions Commission, Senior Fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)  and former chairman of the Climate Change Committee at the House of Lords, will discuss challenges and opportunities related to climate change with Laura Castelli (Chamber of Deputies); Antonio Misiani (Senator);  Nicoletta Batini (economist, IMF), Giovanni Dosi and Andrea Roventini (Professors of Economics at Sant'Anna and researchers of the GROWINPRO project); Roberto Buizza (Professor of Physics at Sant’Anna and coordinator of 3CSA).

Adair Turner’s lecture will consider the macro-economic nature and consequences of transiting to a zero carbon economy, and the specific action needed to build it.

There is no doubt that it is technically possible to build a zero carbon economy, and that if the world did so by 2050, the cost to economic growth and consumer standards would be minimal - says A. Turner.  But achieving that objective will require a major redirection of investment from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and will not occur without forceful public policies, including the introduction of carbon taxes, regulation and technology development support.

Further details and programme of the event here


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