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Leonard frederik Engels


Research Interests

I am working to combine insights from Neuroscience and the possibilities of current technologies to provide relevant sensory feedback to users of hand prostheses.



2016 - 2020  PhD Student at the Artificial Hands Area, The Biorobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

2014 - 2016  Master of Science in Neuroscience, Georg August Universität Göttingen, Germany

2011 - 2014  Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, Universität zu Köln, Germany

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M. Markovic*, M. A. Schweisfurth*, L. F. Engels, T. Bentz, D. Wüstefeld, D. Farina and S. Dosen, "The clinical relevance of advanced artificial feedback in the control of a multi-functional myoelectric prosthesis", J. Neuroeng. Rehabil. 2018; 15:28.  doi

M. D’Alonzo*, L. F. Engels*, M. Controzzi, and C. Cipriani 2017, "Electro-cutaneous stimulation on the palm elicits referred sensations on intact but not on amputated digits" J. Neural Eng. 2018;15:16003.  doi
*These authors contributed equally to this work.

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