Scuola Normale and Sant’Anna School - Pisa together with Iuss – Pavia, jointly organized the 2017 three day Summer School for prospective undergraduate students. For the first time, Scuola Normale, Sant’Anna School and Iuss invited more than 2.000 Italian state schools and colleges to nominate by 12th April a maximum of four of their most academically able Year 12 students. Scuola Normale, Sant’Anna School and Iuss offer 400 places for prospective students in their Summer School courses.

Scuola Normale college open days have been designed to give prospective students the opportunity to get a sense of what College life is like, and to obtain all the information to make a well-informed choice about university. Sant’Anna School held their first Open Days events in 1997 and Iuss organized its first presentation in 2015. The next Scuola Normale, Sant’Anna School and Iuss Open Days will be held in Pisa on 26th June – 1st July and on 10th – 15th July 2017 in Pavia. By offering high quality education and financial support Scuola Normale, Sant’Anna School and Iuss are confident that students with academic ability and potential will find comfort and challenge in equal measure.

 In addition to the jointly organized open days, Scuola Normale will offer the opportunity to meet with academic staff and current Normale students on June 19th – 24th at the Palazzo della Carovana during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the open day events. Scuola Normale is also cooperating with Accademia dei Lincei for the 15th -20th July open days in Rome. Scuola Normale offers free accommodation and meals for students attending Open Days.

Open days and summer schools give you the opportunity to find out about all aspects of university life, with activities ranging from tours to presentations. Programs include talks, subject lectures, seminars and the opportunity to chat to tutors and current students. Academic journeys start by choosing subjects from a wide selection of academic disciplines. Scuola Normale, Sant’Anna School and Iuss students will be able to develop their own knowledge and skills tailored to their individual interests, academic strengths and career aspirations.

 “Recruitment strategies in higher education institutions  – said Vincenzo Barone, director of Scuola Normale, Pierdomenico Perata, rector of Sant’Anna School and Michele Di Francesco, rector of Iuss – focus on directing students and talented students to the choice of university studies best suited to their profile.  We wish to provide the best extensive personalized support system that students need to determine their career direction early on.   We aim to help high school students match their talents with potential careers, guiding them through the process of identifying their passion and skills and making the correct choices. Our future cooperation aims to ensure that we can identify the candidates with the most ability and potential to excel on our courses. Our universities are committed to doing everything possible to ensure students have clear information on university entrance requirements. Entry to Scuola Normale, Sant’Anna School and Iuss universities, in particular, can be highly competitive”.