First Level Master's Diploma

Fees and Scholarship


The tuition fee for the Master in Electoral Policy and Administration is 10,000 euros. It covers the following:

  • Academic and tutorial costs;
  • Course materials;
  • Participation in webinars.

Individual modules are also available. The fee for each module is 850 euros. Starting from the second module, a 10% discount on the fee of the second and third module is applied and a 15% discount is applied from the fourth module onwards.

The fee shall be paid in two tranches: the first within six months from the notification of admission to MEPA and the second within four months from the start date of the courses. The Master’s degree in Electoral Policy and Administration, as well as the Certification of Completion and the respective academic credits will be released only to those who will have settled the tuition costs and have passed the exams as requested.


To foster diversity within the programmes, the Scuola and UNITAR may award partial scholarships to talented students in need of financial aid based on merit, distinctive competencies and academic excellence. Scholarships are subjected to availability of funds and the number of scholarships is very limited.

Every selection round, the Scuola and UNITAR may award up to three fee reductions of 30% to candidates coming from Least Developed Countries (LDCs, that are in need of financial aid and that reach at least 85 points out of 100 in the selection process. In case of equal results, priority will be given to female candidates.

The Scuola and partners may provide further assistance in the search for funding opportunities.

To have information on scholarships and funds from outside sources, please click on the link below to download the document:

Information on scholarships and funds from outside sources