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Guido Noto

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  • Cosenz F, Noto G (2017). A dynamic business modelling approach to design and experiment new business venture strategies. Long Range Planning,
  • Noto G (2017). Combining System Dynamics and Performance Management to Support Sustainable Urban Transportation Planning. Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis 9 (1), 51-71.
  • Cosenz F, Noto G (2016). Applying System Dynamics Modelling to Strategic Management: A Literature Review. System Research and Behavioral Science, 33(6): 703-741.
  • Noto G, Bianchi C (2015). Dealing with Multi-Level Governance and Wicked Problems in Urban Transportation Systems: The Case of Palermo Municipality. Systems, 3(3): 62-80.
  • Cosenz F, Noto G (2014). A Dynamic Simulation Approach to Frame Drivers and Implications of Corruption Practices on Firm Performance. European Management Review, 11(3-4): 239-257.

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