Organs and Administration

Board of Governors

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies is federated with the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia, hereinafter IUSS, also a Superior Graduate School with University status, on the basis of a special federation Agreement pursuant to and in accordance with art. 3 of Law no. 240 of 2010 and art. 2, paragraph 3 of Ministerial Decree no. 827 of 15 October 2013. The agreement provides for a single Board of Governors that plays a coordinating role, respecting the autonomy Federated bodies, managerial and administrative guidelines placed by the respective Academic Senates.

Related to Sant’Anna School of Advanced School, the Board of Governors is the organ of planning, direction and control in the financial, economic and administrative management of assets.

The Board of Governors is composed of eight members as follows:

a) the Chairman of the Board of Governors;

b) the School's Rector;

c) the IUSS's Rector;

d) three directors from outside the School and IUSS,

e) a student of the School;

f) a student of the IUSS.


External Counselor

External Counselor

External Counselor

Representative of Honors students - Sant'Anna School

Representative of Honors students - IUSS