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Strategic network for flood risk reduction through the use of green infrastructures and building communities aware and resilient to climate change

The ReS_EAU project aims at strengthening the network of cross-border Italian and French actors for the exploitation of green infrastructures as a solution for flood risk mitigation and sustainable land management born with the former INTERREG TRIG_Eau project. Main expected outcomes are positive impacts in terms of landscape regeneration, increase in biodiversity, improvement in water quality, and increase in connectivity between surface water and groundwater bodies.

The main specific objective is to disseminate among public institutions the needed knowledge for participatory planning of new and regenerated urban spaces in response to climate change and flood risk. We propose a land development approach capable of bringing together the divergent dynamics of the economic, social and natural system towards a single "ecosystem" development model. This model takes steps from the general principles of sustainable development, leads to its concrete realization in the urban and peri-urban areas, from the present management up to the strategic planning level.

The project outputs will provide demonstration works (in terms of Sustainable Drainage Systems) and strategic plans for the development and enhancement of the public-private network of actors of the PACA, Toscana, Liguria and Sardegna regions. The project methodology is based on an integrated and multi-sectoral approach which takes the form of a number of joint Italian-French capacity building and training activities.

The Crop Science Research Center of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna is involved in research and demonstration activities. Namely, the researchers will monitor the hydraulic and treatment performances of permeable pavements and vegetated channels to demonstrate the reliability of such solutions compared to traditional grey ones. Moreover, research will conduct an analyses on the cost of management and maintenance of Sustainable Drainage Solutions.

The INTERREG ReS_EAU project (from 30 June 2022 to 30 June 2023) received a grant of 500,000 euros from the INTERREG Marittimo IT – FR Maritime programme (425,000 euros from the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF).

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