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Networks and strategic partnerships

Sant'Anna School collaborates with universities, companies and research organizations: a network of relationships to promote activities and projects

Sant'Anna School actively participates in national and international networks established together with other universities, companies and research centers on issues of training, research and Third Mission. 
Strategic partnerships are medium/long-term agreements between entities and universities on topics of common interest in the areas of: research and development, innovation, human capital, social responsibility. The objective is to strengthen the relationship with companies and public and private institutions that aspire to become "strategic partners" of the School.
Becoming a partner of the School means sharing our mission. Strategic partnership agreements may also allow us to finance orientation initiatives, summer schools, and to support the educational path of honors students and PhD students.

How to collaborate with School

The Sant'Anna School initiates collaborations to strengthen the close link between excellent education, innovative research and economic development. The goal is to create a qualified network to make a significant contribution to social and economic development and knowledge dissemination.