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Plant Sciences

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The Center of Plant Sciences (CPS) is organized in an Assembly, which includes all CSP members at all levels and is directed by a Steering Committee (Cabina di Regia in Italian). A coordinator and a deputy coordinator, also part of the Steering Committee, are responsible for CPS activities and administrative structure.  

The Steering Committee is endowed with the definition of the strategy of the CSP and with the guidance of its activity along five key action points, each under the responsibility of one of the Steering Committee members.  

  • Research (Prof. Matteo Dell’Acqua). Under this action point, the CPS aims at the valorisation of high-impact research, foster the participation to national and international consortia for competitive grants, and design new pathways for interdisciplinary research. 
  • Training (Dr. Anna Camilla Moonen). This action point is concerned with the conduction of training at all levels, including undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the Scuola Sant’Anna. The CPS foresees the use of research as a propeller of training, used for the development of new and ambitious teaching and mentoring approaches both on a national and international stage. 
  • Outreach (Dr. Silvia Gonzali). The CPS actions in outreach are aimed at engaging the general public in the scientific discourse ongoing around the plant sciences. Under this action, the CPS intents to organize events and establish opportunities for exchange with the civil society, fostering the impact of research on people livelihoods and policy makers 
  • Internationalization (Prof. Paolo Bàrberi). This action point is intended to valorise international relations around the CPS activities, fostering the interaction with global research actors at all levels, including students (e.g. via Erasmus+) and researchers through overseas projects and consortia. 
  • Communication (Dr. Stefano Carlesi).  Under this action point, the CPS coordinates its presence on internet and social media channels, supporting outreach activities and engagement with the community beyond Academia.