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AIRONE - Artificial Intelligence and RObotics in exteNded rEality


Deadline for Registration

February 2nd, 2025


April 7th-11th, 2025

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School AIRONE will allow students to examine the most recent research developments at the intersection of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality and to review their applications in a diverse range of sectors, e.g., Health, Space, Transportation, AIRONE will address the following topics: principles of "extended" reality technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality), methodologies and tools for the realization of immersive telepresence experiences, for the design and control of collaborative robots and wearable robotic systems for telepresence, for designing and programming next-generation artificial vision systems, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence tools, including Deep Learning for robotics; basic knowledge of the principles, methods and technologies of Human-Robot Interaction and Occupational Biomechanics in occupational contexts, hands-on activities, overview on applications and discussion of use cases applying these technologies.

Teaching methodologies

The proposed methodologies involve students in an interactive and proactive manner in the training process, by integrating theoretical concepts with the practical experience of individual participants, in continuous interaction with primary teachers and young researchers active in the international research community. Lectures, laboratory activities and exercises will be carried out. Case studies will also be discussed to show the applications of the concepts and methods presented, and simulations involving an active role of students will be presented.

Target participants

The course is intended for Italian or foreign university students enrolled in a master's degree course, including single-cycle, in a master’s diploma, in a doctoral course, preferably in the STEM disciplines, who are interested in the above learning objectives.

About us

Here are some statements released by the previous editions’ winners of the merit award offered by Fondazione Il Talento all’Opera and Fondazione EY.


Coordinator and Key teaching staff

Coordinator: Carlo Alberto Avizzano

Key teaching staff: Massimo Bergamasco, Antonio Frisoli, Massimiliano Solazzi, Marco Fontana, Tommaso Andreussi, Alessandro Filippeschi, Franco Tecchia, Marcello Carrozzino, Daniele Leonardis, Francesco Porcini, Cristian Camardella, Paolo Tripicchio, Salvatore D’Avella