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BEEP - Biology for human space exploration 22-23

Seasonal School BEEP


Deadline for registration - EXTENDED

September 25th, 2022


October 10th-14th, 2022

Learning objectives

The Seasonal School will offer an overview of specific topics of experimental biology and biomedicine in support of human exploration of space. With the dawn of commercial access and exploitation of space, the major space agencies including the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency are planning, with industrial support and investments, outposts for human crews to live and work in space. This course represents a unique opportunity to learn about how space exploration has provided experimental biology a new and unprecedented way to study life, and also will highlight the most compelling issues for a safe and productive inhabiting of space.

Teaching methodologies

Multidisciplinary seminars and lecturers from Academia as well as from space agency and industry will introduce the most critical biomedical challenges to human space exploration. Topics include gravitational biology, with reference to molecular and cell biology for microgravity and hypergravity; physiology and chronobiology in extreme environments; ground simulations of microgravity; hybernation for long duration missions; a broad overview of life support systems: from robotics applied to telemedicine for remote medical interventions, production of vegetable foods, architectures for humans on celestial bodies, fertilization of extraterrestrial soil. A site visit to Kayser Italia, srl (Livorno) will end the course, with demonstration of hardware and software for biology and physiology experiments in space missions.

Who should attend this Seasonal School

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from different backgrounds (e.g. biology, medicine, engineering) who are interested in understanding the key issues of biology in support of human space exploration.