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The canteen

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The canteen is located in the School's main building. To gain access to the canteen, it is necessary to register with a badge in the special detectors in the hall. Residents of detached colleges can use the breakfast service directly at their college.
The canteen is closed during academic vacations: Christmas, Easter, May 1 and the entire month of August. In case of illness you can request meal delivery to your room by notifying the kitchen by early morning.
Three menu alternatives are provided for each main meal, one of which is vegetarian. Any problems with food allergies and intolerances must be reported by following the directions on the intranet.
See the appropriate section of the Intranet for opening hours and menu of the day.

Affiliated canteens

TeCIP Institute and Interdisciplinary Health Science Center.
CNR Canteen - via G. Moruzzi, 156124 Pisa, Italy

The BioRobotics Institute – Pontedera (PI)
Affiliated restaurants in the area

Institute of Mechanical Intelligence, Center of Plant Sciences and Crop Science Research Center 
Affiliated restaurants in the area