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The general objective of the FERTIBIO project is to develop and validate biofertilizers for herbaceous and horticultural crops in order to improve soil fertility and reduce the use of mineral fertilizers, maintaining the productivity of crops and improving their quality.
In particular, the specific objectives are four:

  1. Transfer from laboratory scale to prototype scale the microorganism production process
  2. To produce biofertilizers in granular formulations and/or pellets based on microorganisms with or without organic materials from tanneries
  3. To test the application of biofertilizers on various crops (e.g., wheat, barley, sunflower, alfalfa, chickpea, tomato) and spontaneous plants used for restoration
  4. Train technicians to assist the farmer in biofertilization

Biofertilization will replace mineral fertilizers in toto or partially by the farmers, participants in the Operating Group.
The biofertilizers produced by FERTIBIO represent a product innovation at European level, and can found allocation within the European/global market of biofertilizers providing an excellence for the Tuscany Region.


The actions of the projects are avialbale at this link:
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Sponsor: European Union, PSR 2014-2020
Thematic: 1.2.13 Reduction of pollutant releases and rationalization of energy inputs (processes, nutrients, etc.)
Measures: 16.2, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
Staring time: August 2018
Duration: 3 years (plus 1 year)
Budget: € 326 885
Total budget: € 366 321

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