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PhD student in the Microscale Robotics Laboratory at the BioRobotics institute of Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies.

After her Master’s degree in Bioengineering at the University of Genoa with a curriculum in Neuroengineering and Bio-ICT, she undertook an Erasmus + Traineeship in the NanoBiotechnology Laboratory of Ghent University, Belgium.

As part of her education, she has employed bio-inspired computational approaches to tackle and model clinically relevant problems. Her main interest and goal is to research and develop biomedical technologies capable of integrating engineering and biomimicry, by repurposing strategies developed naturally by living organism.



Morettini, M., de Remigis, E., Sbrollini, A., Marcantoni, I., & Burattini, L. (2021). Identification of hERG blockade by machine learning. Journal of Electrocardiology, 69, 79–80.