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Book Launch: International Law and Chemical, Biological, Radio-Nuclear (CBRN) Events. Towards an all-hawards approach

Date From 21.06.2022 time
End Date To 21.06.2022 time

Via Cardinale Maffi, 27 , 56127 Italy

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12:00 a.m. Welcome by Andrea de Guttry, Full Professor at the Sant'Anna School and Co-Editor of the volume;

12:05 a.m. Insights from the Contributors to the volume;

12:25 a.m. Comments by Jan Wouters, Full Professor of International Law and International Organisations at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven;

12:45 a.m. Comments by Edoardo Cavalieri d’Oro, Head of Advanced Regional CBRNe Unit – Milan Lombardia, Italian National Fire and Rescue Service;

13.00 a.m. Q&A;

13.25 a.m. Closing remarks by Professor Andrea de Guttry.