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ERACLITO project. Working Package 3 – Mid-project Meeting

Date 24.06.2024 time

Via Cardinale Maffi, 27 , 56127 Italy

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On Monday, June 24, at 10:30 a.m. in Aula 14 (Via Maffi Building), the event " ERACLITO project. Working Package 3 – Mid-project Meeting" is scheduled.

The ERACLITO project aims to make a strategic and tangible contribution to the modernization of the national system with regard to cybersecurity and cyber risk management capacity. Within this framework, the contribution of WP 3 contributes to the understanding of the legal regulations and standards applicable to companies operating in the National Cybersecurity Perimeter. This analysis offers important insights into understanding the critical issues and coordination problems that may arise, and thus enable a multidisciplinary dialogue to address and resolve them.

The meeting is part of the activities of the extended partnership "SERICS - Security and Rights in CyberSpace", funded by Next Generation EU, in which the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Policy, Development) of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna participates, with reference to legal and ethical aspects, as part of the Spoke 7 - ERACLITO project, coordinated by CINI Consortium.

Live Streaming link.

The full program is attached.