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Sant'Anna Science Cafè: Industry, environment, biology: mathematical models to understand the world

Sant'Anna Science Cafè
Date From 20.06.2024 time
End Date To 20.06.2024 time

Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33 , 56127 Italy

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Sant'Anna Science Cafè is a scientific event held every Thursday in June. Every week a new appointment with science, tastings and live music.

During the third evening Giovanni Stabile, professor of the Biorobotics Institute, will hold a workshop entitled "Industry, environment, biology: mathematical models to understand the world".

Following, in the school garden, an ice cream tasting with De' Coltelli and live music by JEVENS.

Sant'Anna Science Cafè is an event under the scientific responsibility of Debora Angeloni, professor at the Biorobotics Institute.

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