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Tuscany Health Ecosystem (THE): what role for third sector entities

Tuscany Health Ecosystem: what role for third sector entities
Date 30.03.2023 time


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Presentation of "THE" Tuscany Health Ecosystem Project by the scientific representatives of the project milestones. The event will take place exclusively online by connecting to the Webex platform at this link. 

Will take part in the event: Sabina Nuti, Emanuele Rossi and Elena Vivaldi, Sabina De Rosis, Luca Valcarenghi and Alberto Giannoni, Nicola Bellè, Paola Cantarelli and the representatives of Legacoopsociali Toscana, Federazione regionale Misericordie, Toscana Confcooperative, Toscana Anmic.

For any further details, please refer to the attached programme.