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Fabio Iannone has been carrying out research activities within the Sustainability Management Laboratory (SuM) of the Management Institute of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies since 2016. During his PhD, he focused his research on the sustainability of the supply chain in the public sector ( Green Public Procurement) or private. Since 2020, his focus has shifted to Africa: on sustainable business models for renewable energy and on the sustainability of the mining sector. He is currently involved in two large research projects funded by the European Commission, dealing with the continent, respectively on inclusive business models through the involvement of local communities in geothermal energy in Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti and Ethiopia (Horizon2020 LEAP-RE) and on the sustainability of raw materials in the mining sector for energy and the digital transition (Horizon Europe AfricaMaVal).


- Renewable Energy Communities - Sustainable Business Model for Renewable Energies - Africa - Corporate Social Responsibility - Sustainability in the mining sector - Artisanal Mining - Circular Economy