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A Biomedical Engineer with a passion for neuro-engineering on the application of Bio-Signal Processing and Machine Learning for System Control. Research focus is on the utilization of hand and arm’s electromyography signal for robotics control and rehabilitation. Recent project used high-density EMG to reproduce discreet finger control.

On the other side, also worked as a Full Stack QA/Engineer/Analyst and Tech enthusiast. These experiences provided the other soft skill such as Project Management, System Analysis, Software Engineering and exposure to latest Technology.

In the undergraduate study (B.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering, Airlangga University), the final project title was EMG Based HCI Device to Support Computer Operation where the study was performed for understanding whether a single channel EMG can be analyzed and decoded into 2 DoF movement. Following up the study, the master study (M.Sc. in Human and Biological Robotics, Imperial College London) final's project title was Using High Density EMG to Proportionally Control 3D Model of Human Hand where the study was conducted to understand more about EMG activities in a more complex finger gestures by utilizing High Density EMG.

Current PhD project (Implantable neuroprostheses to restore hand functions after spinal cord injury) is supervised by Prof. Silvestro Micera. The project will be under ReWire - MSCA DN Framework


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