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Gender Eqaulity Plan

The commitment of the Sant'Anna School against all forms of gender, cultural, linguistic, religious, sexual orientation, disability and socio-economic inequality
Gender Equality plan

The adoption of the Gender Equality Plan is part of the European 2020-2025 strategy for gender equality and was introduced by the Commission to promote gender equality in research and innovation. In order to reinforce the strategic commitment and at the same time reiterate the need for continuous gender mainstreaming in all EU policies and programmes, this measure is a requirement for access to funding from the Horizon Europe Programme (2021-2027) for all research organisations and Higher Education Institutions.
The School's Gender Equality Plan is primarily aimed at planning, implementing and monitoring the implementation of gender policies, but it also takes into account the intersectionality perspective: that is, it intends to associate gender policies with the highlighting and combating of inequalities based on other types of diversity (cultural, linguistic, religious, relating to sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status, dependent on belonging to an ethnic minority, etc.). According to the European Guidelines, an inclusive Gender Equality Plan also considers how gender inequalities may interact with other forms of discrimination and takes care to counteract their effects through appropriate practices.

The Gender Equality Plan is divided into the following five areas of intervention:

  1. Work-life balance and organisational culture;
  2. Gender balance in top positions and decision-making bodies;
  3. Gender equality in recruitment and career advancement;
  4. Gender mainstreaming in research and teaching programmes;
  5. Combating gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.

The working group for the elaboration of the Gender Equality Plan is composed by: Prof. Erica Palmerini; Dr. Stefano Palagi; Dr. Stefania Agostini; Dr. Giuliana Bigongiali; Dr. Beatrice Granvillano; Dr. Barbara Morelli.

The School's Gender Equality Plan will soon be available in English. You can view the attached Budget (for the internal users and in italian only) approved by the Academic Senate on 15 December 2021.