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Giovanni pursued a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering in Università degli Studi di Padova (in 2019, with honors) focusing on biomedical instrumentation and signal processing. In the degree thesis, by title “Automatic Segmentation of Dendritic Cells in Corneal Images”, he also developed skills concerning segmentation algorithm coding and statistical evaluation of algorithm’s performances. In the M.Sc. course Bionics Engineering pursued in Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and Università di Pisa (in 2021, with honors) he got in touch with AI and robotics moving his interest in particular to surgical robotics. In his degree thesis, by title "Ultrasound-based Visual Servoing Control of Magnetic Microrobots", he worked on the development of a robotic platform for magnetic guidance of microrobots inside the human body based on the information retrieved from ultrasound images analysis. He is now a PhD student in BioRobotics, within the "Surgical Robotics and Allied Technologies Area" lab, willing to work on robotics for minimally invasive surgery, micro-robotics, image and signal analysis.


Robotic Ultrasound, Image Analysis