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IACH - InnovACtion in Health care: strategies, performance and data management


Deadline for Registration - EXTENDED

September 14th, 2021


Sabina De Rosis


September 27th - October 1st, 2021

Learning objectives

The IACH School will cover specific research topics underpinning public health care system, with an emphasis on the analysis of real word evidence and data for a better use of assets and resources to achieve better outcomes and improved efficiency of care, as well on the recent managerial implication of the recent pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Students will explore, with both a theoretical and empirical approach, tools and frameworks related to data management, business and process reengineering, innovation strategies, decision-making process, and performance assessment in the field of health care services. Moreover, innovative solution to boost patients and community participation, engagement and co-production in the care process will be discussed and analysed in different setting of care. Students will be able to discuss challenging research issues, such as: how to measure and assess the care performance; what are possible data driven solutions to cope with variation; how to develop innovative interventions based on measurement of patient-centeredness of care; what are the main levers to improve quality and appropriateness of care and how to address challenges facing the pandemic crisis from the organizational perspective. To this regard, a specific focus will be devoted to the resilience in public health care. Tools of measurement and evaluation of resilience will be presented and discussed as transformative instruments to translate the crisis into a strategic opportunity. Finally, different research methodological approach will be discussed.

Teaching methodologies

The IAC School is a full online web-based program. Participants will be asked to join the online class once or twice a day. A mix of lecture-based and laboratory classes will be developed by professors and researchers. Participants will be actively engaged through a balanced mix of interactive theoretical lectures and simulations, debates, learning-by-doing activities, and real case studies discussions. Moreover, facilitators and discussants, including professionals and scholars from other institutions, will be available to facilitate the interactions and improve the discussion during the lab classes.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

The Seasonal School is open to undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students from various backgrounds who are interested in the field of health care management.

Coordinator and key teaching staff

Dr. Sabina De Rosis (coordinator), Prof. Sabina Nuti, Prof. Milena Vainieri, Prof. Chiara Seghieri, Prof. Michele Emdin, Prof. Claudio Passino, Dr. Nicola Bellè, Dr. Sara Barsanti, Dr. Paola Cantarelli, Dr. Francesca Ferrè, Dr. Anna Maria Murante, Dr. Federico Vola