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Industrial and Information Engineering

Istituto Intelligenza Meccanica

Biomedicalelectroniccomputermechanical, energy, telecommunication, nuclear and aerospace engineering: a complete and structured educational offer marked by a multidisciplinary attitude for the training of professionals able to operate in many different fields.

At the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, students follow a supplementary education: Honours Courses at the School and a Study Programme at the University of Pisa, where they can choose:

First cycle (Bachelor) programmes: Biomedical engineering (L-8); Electronic engineering (L-8); Computer engineering (L-8); Telecommunications engineering (L-8); Mechanical engineering (L-9); Energy engineering (L-9); Aerospace engineering (L-9) and Engineering for the industrial design (L-9/L-4).

Second cycle (Master) programmes: Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (LM-32); Computer engineering (Classe LM-32); Aerospace engineering (LM-20); Biomedical engineering (LM-21); Telecommunications engineering (LM-27); Electronic engineering (LM-29); Energy engineering (LM-30); Mechanical engineering (LM-33); Nuclear engineering (LM-30); Robotics and automation engineering (LM-25); Materials and Nanotechnology (LM-53); Automotive engineering (LM-33); Computer Science curriculum Artificial Intelligence (LM-18); Cybersecurity (LM-66) at the University of Pisa, Computer Science and Networking (LM-18) and Bionics engineering (LM-21), joint initiatives between the School and the University of Pisa.

The high quality Honours Courses encourage a continuous interdisciplinary dialogue. Conferences and lecture series with special scientific and cultural value can be held by external professors, chosen between the most prestigious national and international experts.