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Staff Tel:  050 883 250
Mail:  infostudenti@santannapisa.it
Cristiana Neri (Head) Tel:  050 883 339
Mail:  cristiana.neri@santannapisa.it
Angela Caporaletti Tel:  050 883 203
Mail:  a.caporaletti@santannapisa.it
Luciano Luisi Tel:  050 883 251
Mail:  l.luisi@santannapisa.it
Elisabetta Puzella Tel:  050 883 373
Mail:  elisabetta.puzella@santannapisa.it
Maria Giovanna Ramunno Tel:  050.883321
Mail:  mariagiovanna.ramunno@santannapisa.it

Info and admission

We admit students for undergraduate and graduate courses.

Our courses are organized into two faculties:

The Faculty of Social Sciences provides graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Economics and Management,
  • Law,
  • Political Sciences.

The Faculty of Experimental Sciences provides graduate and undergraduate courses in:

  • Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology,
  • Medical Sciences,
  • Industrial and Information Engineering.


UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS (first level courses) APPLICATION                                             CALL FOR ADMISSION

The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies admits 42 undergraduate honors students through a highly competitive process organized into two phases.

The first phase includes a pre-test, which generally takes place on two alternative dates during late spring and late summer.  Honors Students must attain a minimum score on the PRE_TEST in order to advance to the final phase. The final phase, consisting of written and oral tests, is generally scheduled during the last week of august and first two weeks of September.

The rules for applying and the number of openings are published at the beginning of every year on the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies website.



GRADUATE STUDENTS (second level courses)                                                 APPLY HERE

The call opens for 10 positions of honors students available for the following Master courses:

Master of Science in Economics - 2 positions

Master's Degree in Innovation Management - 2 positions

Master's Degree in International Security Studies - 2 positions

Molecural Biotechnology - 2 positions

M.Sc. in Bionics Engineering - 2 positions


The second level candidates will be required to:

  1. Check the call for admissions for the master they are interested in (menu on the right)
  2. Register on the website (link here) chosing an ID and password
  3. Present their application by (check the highlights HERE)


The calendar of interviews (if any) will be published asap. Stay tuned!!