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Ethics and Global Challenges

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Public ethics

The subgroup in public ethics investigates the complex relationship between politics and morality and the ethics of public officials within national administrative bodies. The main research topics are the prevention of and action against corruption and the social responsibility of public administration. The main objective of the subgroup in public ethics is to develop codes of conduct for public institutions and to train public official and servants in the implementation of moral duties within the operative contexts and institutions towards external stakeholders.

Climate Ethics

The subgroup in climate ethics deals with ethical issues related to the climate crisis and ecological transition, from the individual, state and global perspectives. The two leading research topics are intergenerational justice, both historical and future-oriented, and the ethics of energy and decarbonisation policies. The main objective of the subgroup in climate ethics is to contribute to the definition of a just and inclusive climate transition and to the analysis and elaboration of the relevant policies.

Ethics of Technology

The subgroup in ethics of technology deals with the social impacts of emerging technologies, with a specific focus on the ethics of artificial intelligence. The two main research topics are the technological divide and equity challenges and the transformations of the social imaginary in the digital age. The main objective of the subgroup in technology ethics is to help design a just digital transition and define values for responsible innovation.